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Student Clubs

Life at IIBM is not just restricted to classrooms but extends beyond to a myriad of activities shaped by personal interests and hobbies that help students to gain valuable leadership, social and personal skills.  Hence, the Student Clubs at IIBM are an important part of the learning environment. 

The Student Clubs here act as the network-lifeline for the entire IIBM community. Being a part of theProfessional Clubs gives you a chance to interact with industry leaders during events organized as part of the club mandate. The Social Clubs channelize the diverse interests and talents lending an atmosphere of creativity and fun to campus life. Some of the clubs are: 

Consulting Club


Photography Club

Emerging Markets Club


Health Club

Entrepreneurship & VC Club


Sports Club

Women in Business Club


Music Club

Finance Club


Theatre Club


The IIBM believes in developing an all-rounded personality of every student on campus in the two-year programme and hence the school supports all the club initiatives in a big way.


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